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Summer Family Matters Training

Family Matters July 23rd, July 30th & August 6th We are now offering free online training for our Family Matters Facilitator Training Program.

  • Free CE Hours are offered for MFT, LCSW, & CCAPP

  • Opportunity to earn $200 after training completion and implementation.

Family Matters July 23rd, July 30th & August 6th

Family Matters Training Will be held via Zoom Meeting & will be conducted through 3 (2 Hour) sessions.

--- Must Attend all 3 sessions for certification,

CE Hours, & $200 Post Training opportunity. ---

Family Matters is a 4 session send-home program for families with teens. During this program, families will learn healthy family communication, set family rules for alcohol use, how to enhance parental supervision, and how teens can resist peer and media influence. This program does not require in person meetings. Facilitators of this program call families weekly to check in, motivate progress and record outcomes.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Very low cost to implement 

  • Engage with families with social distancing ( online or over phone)

  • Training includes detailed outreach, engagement, and retention tips

  • Extremely effective outcomes, even with volunteer educators

  • Can incorporate into existing programs or use as a stand-alone program

  • Can be facilitated by staff, volunteers or interns

Includes all start-up materials: curriculum, forms, marketing materials, booklets for families etc.

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