Telling Your Friends You Don’t Want to Drink: A Real Life Story

“My house is free this weekend,” my friend Nick* said. It was Christmas break 2010 after our first semester of college, and our hometown group of friends had recently reunited. “I was thinking of hosting a kickback**. Would you be down to drink?” I never drank in high school. Neither, for the most part, did anyone in my friend group (Nick included). We weren’t close with many people outside our tight-knit group and it never came up between us. Drinking—the actual activity and even just the pressure or desire to do so—had never much been a part of our lives. That same experience continued in college for me, where I again coincidentally met friends who weren’t interested in alcohol. The majori

Why the Drinking Age is 21 Instead of 18

Happy 18th Birthday! Congratulations you are now an official adult! You can finally vote in elections, marry, serve on a jury, and sign your own safety waivers. No longer a kid in the eyes of the law, you now have full access to all the same privileges and rights of every other adult in the country. That is fantasti— Wait, what did you say? You mean you could be sent off to war but can’t buy or drink a beer? Why twenty-one? For many teens this is a common question about alcohol laws. They may remember family members saying that the drinking age was lower back in their day or hear about other countries whose minimum age is not as high. Eighteen, nineteen, and twenty year-olds in particular mi

Let’s Get Started!

Hi, and welcome to Omni Youth Programs, a non-profit agency dedicated to preventing teen alcohol use, strengthening families, and developing youth leaders! Our goal here is to educate readers’ knowledge of alcohol and its detrimental effects, particularly on teenagers and families. As this blog grows, we’ll be exploring a multitude of different topics related to alcohol, teens, and families, which we hope will clarify some widespread myths and answer frequent questions. How, for example, did the legal drinking age become 21, and what are the reasons for that? Why is binge drinking popular and why is it so dangerous? As a parent, what are signs that your child might be drinking or doing drugs


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