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Let’s Get Started!

Hi, and welcome to Omni Youth Programs, a non-profit agency dedicated to preventing teen alcohol use, strengthening families, and developing youth leaders!

Our goal here is to educate readers’ knowledge of alcohol and its detrimental effects, particularly on teenagers and families. As this blog grows, we’ll be exploring a multitude of different topics related to alcohol, teens, and families, which we hope will clarify some widespread myths and answer frequent questions.

How, for example, did the legal drinking age become 21, and what are the reasons for that? Why is binge drinking popular and why is it so dangerous? As a parent, what are signs that your child might be drinking or doing drugs and how should you approach the situation?

We’ll also take an in-depth look at alcohol’s role in or effect on specific issues including violence, athletic and academic performance, sex, and more.

Moreover, although preventing underage drinking is Omni Youth Programs’ primary focus, we know that alcohol is not the only problem teens face. So, on occasional we will additionally delve into topics such as bullying, depression, and drug use, and how teens and families can confront these issues in their own lives.

And remember, if you or teens you know are struggling with alcohol use, or if you want to take preemptive preventative action, Omni Youth Programs is here to help. We train individuals and groups (for free!) to lead model-based programs to educate teens and families about the dangers of alcohol while improving participants’ self-esteem, life skills, and family bonds.

Together, we can empower the future.

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