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Parent 4-Part Series

"How to Tell if My Child is Using Drugs"


How to Tell if My Child

is Using Drugs -

Attitude & Behavior Changes


How to Tell if My Child

is Using Drugs -

Behavior Changes

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Teen Fails - Alcohol

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"Alcohol Quiz;

What Do You Know?"

Say What!?

Fast, fun AND surprises!

 You Are Not Alone

A teen gets bullied by text.


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Future Teen Topics

Future Parent Topics


    What Makes a Good Friend?

    Friends Who Don’t Act like Friends

    Changing Friends Without Drama

    How to make Friends

    No one will like me if I don’t drink

    I’ll never get invited to any party’s if I don’t drink!



    Skills to Resist Peer Pressure

    Deciding for Yourself

    Handling & Expressing Intense Feelings

    Talk So You’ll be Heard


Problem Solving

   Squealing vs.Getting Support

   Are you being bullied?

   Resolving Arguments



   I Feel Stressed! Now What?

   I’m so angry I could explode!

   I’d Give Anything to be Liked

   Why is everyone so mean?



   I’m embarrassed to call for a ride home when I’ve

        been drinking

   How to talk to your parents

   My parents treat me like a child!

   Why don’t my Parents Trust Me?



   Doesn’t everyone drink?

   Helping that friend who drinks too much

   Secretly I don’t like drinking.

   All my friends drink. Why shouldn’t I?

   My ride is drunk, now what?

   Designated Driver with a Car Full of Drunk Friends.

   I don’t drink. I just like to go to parties!

   Nothing bad has happened, what’s the big deal?


Alcohol & Drugs

    How to tell if your child is using drugs?

    When to start discussions about alcohol with your child

    How to Share your values about alcohol

    But I drink, how do I tell them not to?

    I’d rather they drink at home so I know they’re safe

    I think my child is drinking. Now What?


Peer Pressure

     Teach your child refusal skills

     Role play “What Would You Do?” with your youth

     Where is your child?

     Who are your youth’s friends?

     Are your teens really where they said they were?


Keeping Your Child Safe

     I don’t want them to think I don’t trust them!

     What goes on at your kid’s friend’s homes. What  

          do those parents know?        

     Your child’s cell phone, internet & social media use: 

          What you don’t know can hurt your child.


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