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Shari Egeland Receives H.C. Award

Shari Egeland, our Associate Director, was presented with the HC Award which recognizes and honors individuals for significant, long-term contributions that advance the field of alcohol and drug education and prevention. Honorees are chosen based on their consistent, extraordinary efforts resulting in a positive impact on youth, families, community agencies, and the general public in Sacramento County and California. Shari was one of two recipients from among several highly qualified individuals nominated. The HC Award was presented by the Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board on March 9, 2022.

Shari has over 12 years in the Drug Prevention field and is known as a sensitive and wise educator who provides a warm, safe and accepting environment with highly science-based information and practical ideas provided in an easy to grasp style. Due to her vast knowledge, cutting edge information, and skillful presentation skills Shari has become the go-to speaker and resource when it comes to Youth Drug Prevention. She is well deserving of this Award and we are all so happy for her!

Congratulations Shari on receiving this award!

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