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Don't Take Candy from a Stranger

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

We all learned at a young age that you shouldn’t take candy from a stranger. Well, in my case, it was pretzels I shouldn’t have taken. In todays blog, I want to share an experience that happened to me recently. I hope it will raise awareness that a regular looking snack can actually be infused with marijuana without you realizing it. Foods infused with marijuana are known as edibles and you can learn more by checking out our blog "Edibles: Who Only Eats One?"

Here’s what happened. Earlier this week, I was waiting in line at the post office when the person in front of me struck up a conversation. He told me that he was starting his own business and sending his package to New York to be reviewed. Before we parted our ways, he gave me a sample of what he was starting to sell - flavored pretzels. At first, I was weary of this man giving me snacks, but I just thought he was trying to advertise and get his business out there. First red flag.

When I got home, I inspected the package. Immediately I knew something was off. First off, the package looked like it was properly sealed, but to my surprise it was not. It was only sealed by a ziplock top. Second red flag.

Third red flag: I opened the package thinking I can just try one. I figured the worst that could happen is that I found it disgusting and would spit it out. I was very wrong. Once I opened the package there was a very strong smell of marijuana. Was I crazy?! I smell it again to double check. Yep. It smells weird. I get a second opinion just to make sure I am not crazy, and they agree. It smells like marijuana.

Flabbergasted, I look at the packaging. Nowhere does it say that this product contains marijuana. Anywhere! On the front there’s a catch phrase: “WARNING: DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE”. Yeah, I agree with that statement because marijuana is dangerously addictive.

Still appalled, I decided to test the pretzels with a THC & Edibles Detection Kit to see if these snacks were really drugged.

Thankfully the kit was quite easy to buy on Amazon, quick to arrive, and quick to use. After 5 minutes, it showed that there were traces of THC in the pretzels! THC is the ingredient in marijuana that causes a high. According to the test, it was < 1%. That’s the level of weed used in the 1960’s. Although the percentage is low compared to today’s levels, the big take away is that the test still detected marijuana!

No one should underestimate the effect of low levels of THC however, especially on people who are not frequent users. That level can still put a person under the influence. The real problem is they won’t even know what is happening or why they are feeling this way. This may lead them to have a panic attack, or in the worst case have them go to a hospital, due to overdosing on marijuana.

There is also the chance that when they eat the edible it will take effect, while they’re driving. Driving while under the influence of marijuana, even in small amounts, effects someone’s driving skills by decreasing their reaction times, motor coordination and impairs their ability to drive.

They can even lose their job if their company drug tests. And this is all because they didn’t know that their snack was drugged.

I am so glad I trusted my instincts and did not eat the pretzels. I was so shocked someone was giving out edibles and not telling me that their food was drugged

Unfortunately, these instances are increasing. They can happen anywhere and at any time - schools, parties at a friend’s house, and even, like in my case, when you’re waiting in line at the post office. If you come across a snack that smells or tastes weird, please trust your instinct and don’t eat it. Continue being aware, and educate your friends, children, or siblings so they can be aware as well.

Look for future articles where we will share more details and tips on how to talk to your youth about marijuana in a way that they will hear and be receptive to. Check out Omni Youth Programs YouTube videos "Let’s Talk Pot Part 1: How Much Does Marijuana Help or Hurt?" and "How To Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs Part 1: Personality and Attitude Changes"

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