FREE Training! Become a Certified Model Program Provider of Family Matters! 

Earn $200 by building community capacity in Sacramento County! 

Program Description

We train you to be a provider of Family Matters. Family Matters is send-home program for families with teens. This program is perfect for hard those who have transportation issues, financial struggles, medical issues, people on a waitlist of services and other hard to reach populations. Facilitators of this program call families weekly to check in, motivate progress and record outcomes. This opportunity is funded by the Sacramento Department of Health and Human services as a strategy to build community capacity in Sacramento County by spreading practical knowledge and skills.  


  1. Must agree to implement the program in Sacramento County at least once. 

  2. Submit demographic and evaluation data to Omni Youth Programs 

  3. Must agree to meet with Omni Youth Programs post-program implementation at least twice

For $200 and/or CEU's 

  1. Must have at least 10 participants complete the program 

The Program


  • Send-home family program with individualized weekly support by phone, email and text with a Prevention Educator trained in “Family Matters” model program.

  • No in- home visits required.

  • Four booklets provided in sequence to families containing multiple activities that build upon each other.

  • Activities completed by parents alone AND by parents & teens together.

  • Easy to participate! Eliminates obstacles from transportation, language or cultural barriers, mistrust of authority, privacy concerns, health challenges, finances, family resistance, immigration status concerns, and distance.

  • Personalized attention, complete at own pace and schedule, and feel greater privacy due to phone and

      in-home format.


Family Topics

  • Encourage family communication  

  • Set family rules for alcohol use.

  • Enhances parental supervision

  • Resisting peer and media influence


BOOKLET I - Why Families Matter

  • Motivating youth and spouses to participate

  • Understanding negative consequences to family from teen substance use

BOOKLET 2 - Helping Families Matter To Teens

  • Family characteristics that positively influence teens: supervision, support, communication skills, attachment, time spent together, educational achievement, conflict reduction, and how well adolescence is understood.

BOOKLET 3 -  Alcohol Rules Are Family Matters 

  • Alcohol-specific variables originating in the family that predict adolescent drug use.

BOOKLET 4 - Non-family Influences That Matter

  • Variables outside the family that influence teen alcohol use

  • Five key qualities of character

  • Understanding parents

  • Your brain on adolescence

  • The power of choice

  • School success

  • Challenges: drugs and violence



  • Reduces the prevalence of alcohol use among teens

  • Teens drink less often than control groups at 6 month and 12 month follow-up periods.

  • Family communication increases.

  • Parents become stronger and more effective alcohol prevention advocates.

Becoming a Facilitator


  • Free leader training 

    • All start up materials included ​

    • Lifetime certification 

  • Complete 8 hours of training

    • Facilitation Skills & Program Curriculum

    • 1 day training at Omni Youth Programs office or personalized dates and locations for groups of 5 or more in Sacramento County 

  • Train a group of staff or individual providers at your organization

  • Clear, organized and easy to use curriculum 

  • Must complete requirements 

Benefits to your organization 

  • Very low cost to implement 

  • No materials to replenish 

  • Engage hard to reach populations: eliminates barriers to services like transportation issues, financial issues, privacy concerns and language barriers  

  • Become A Certified Model Program Provider

  • Training includes detailed outreach, engagement, and retention tips

  • Extremely effective outcomes, even with volunteer educators

  • Can incorporate into existing programs or use as stand alone program

  • Facilitated by staff, volunteers or interns 

  • Can be used to temporarily serve those on a wait list for full services from your organization 

  • Can be implemented as lunch n learns 

  • Includes all start up materials: curriculum, forms, marketing materials, booklets for families etc. 

  • Program listed on NREPP, OJJDP Model Programs Guide, CA Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC), and Published in Journal of Drug Education and Journal of Primary Prevention​​


Who should get certified?

  • Mental Health Professionals 

  • Teachers 

  • Counselors 

  • Community Center Leaders 

  • Therapists 

  • Social workers 

  • Prevention and intervention staff 

  • Interns 

  • Parents who want to be active leaders in their community

Organizations we've trained in Family Matters 


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