TEENS EARN $200! Become a Facilitator of Teens in Action!

Training of Teen Facilitators & Adult Supervisors for Teen Led Groups



Program Description

We train teens and young adults to become Certified Providers of Teens In Action. Teens In Action is a group program for teens, facilitated by youth leaders. This program focuses on the changing brain, developing communication skills and educating teens about the risks of alcohol, drug use and other high risk behavior. This opportunity is funded by the Sacramento Department of Health and Human services as a strategy to build community capacity in Sacramento County by spreading practical knowledge and skills.  


  1. Must agree to implement the program in Sacramento County at least once. 

  2. Submit demographic and evaluation data to Omni Youth Programs 

  3. Must agree to meet with Omni Youth Programs post-program implementation at least twice

For $200 and/or CEU's 

  1. Must have at least 5 participants complete the program 

The Program

Format of Teens In Action 

  • Six weekly sessions of 2-hours each.

  • Teen led groups 

  • Entertaining Videos, lively group discussions, role  playing, and high energy activities.

  • Video vignettes of typical family situations depicted by professional actors. Examples of how to handle numerous situations

  • Translations available 

    • Spanish ​

    • Russian


Curriculum Topics 

Session 1: 5 Key qualities of character, Understanding parents, Your teen brain, The power of choice, School success, and Challenges of drugs and violence

Session 2: The spiral of success, Communication: The road to cooperation

Session 3: Responsibility and freedom, The voice of discipline, Understanding and accepting consequences

Session 4: Courage and self-esteem, The Think-Feel-Do Cycle, Turn discouragement into encouragement, Getting past power struggles

Session 5: 10 risk-prevention strategies for teens, Negative vs. positive influences

Session 6: Tobacco, alcohol & other drugs, Bullying and relationship violence, Peer pressure, Confronting high-risk behavior

Benefits to participants 

  • Increase protective factors that prevent reduce alcohol and drug use and violence

  • Delay onset of alcohol use

  • Increase family, school, and peer bonding

  • Understand negative social and physical effects of substance use

  • Improve general life skills and social resistance skills

  • Greater school attachment and higher levels of self-esteem

Becoming a Facilitator


  • Free leader training worth $3,500

    • All start up materials included ​

    • Lifetime certification 

    • Access to other programs from developer

  • Complete 16 hours of training

    • Facilitation Skills & Program Curriculum

    • 2 part training at Omni Youth Programs office or personalized dates and locations for groups of 5 or more in Sacramento County 

  • Train a group of staff or individual providers at your organization

  • Clear, organized and easy to use curriculum 

  • Must complete requirements 

Benefits to youth leaders 

  • Work/volunteer experience for resume 

  • Develop leadership skills and experience 

  • Develop facilitation skills and experience 

  • Become a positive role model 

  • Lifetime certification they can take to any community based job

Benefits to your organization 

  • Become A Certified Model Program Provider

  • Training includes detailed outreach, engagement, and retention tips

  • Extremely effective outcomes, even with volunteer educators

  • Can incorporate into existing programs or use as stand alone program

  • Facilitated by staff, volunteers or interns 

  • Can be implemented as lunch n learns 

  • Easily adapted to your participants needs, language, culture and more.

  • Program listed on NREPP, OJJDP Model Programs Guide, CA Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC), and CrimeSolutions.gov. Published in Journal of Drug Education and Journal of Primary Prevention

Who should get trained? 

  • Teen Leaders 

  • Teens who want to become leaders 

  • High School Students 

  • College Students 

  • Prevention and intervention staff 

  • Leaders and Supervisors at Youth Organizations 

  • Mental Health Professionals 

  • Teachers 

  • Counselors 

  • Therapists 

  • Social workers 

  • Interns 

Organizations we've Certified in Teens In Action

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