Teen Resources


Free games, facts about alcohol, free e-Cards to send encouraging messages to your peers,

Real life solutions to help you avoid alcohol use, videos of what young people have to say about underage drinking




Family Resources  for Teens & Parents


Guidelines and games for teens and parents about peer pressure and drug use




Parent & Caregiver Resources


Video games to learn the do’s and don’ts of talking to kids about underage drinking. Learn the questions to ask; and ideas to keep the conversation going.



 Help your child steer clear of drug abuse, the truth about drugs on your child’s body and mind, drug abuse treatment info, and how to tell if your child has a problem with drugs



Parent tool kit to raisie drug free kids, Is your teen normal?, Teens brains, Age by age advice on how to prevent drug abuse, Find social host laws in your state, The power of grandparents, How to talk to your teen if you did drugs;




Tips For Teens Who Don't Want

To Drink - Part 1 

Parent Tips:

When Your Teen Goes To A Party 

Tips For Teens Who Don't Want

To Drink - Part 2 

How To Tell If My Teen Is Using Drugs - 

Part 3: Physical Evidence 

Its Called Alcohol Poisoning

For A Reason 

How To Tell If My Teen Is Using Drugs - Part 4: Changes In Friends 

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