About Omni Youth Programs

Funding Provided by

Department of Health Services -

Behavioral Health Services -

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services

No funding from Prop. 64

Our Mission

Omni Youth Programs mission is to create strong families, develop youth leaders,

and engage the community to prevent youth alcohol and marijuana use.

Independent Comments about Omni on Guidestar
Independent Comments about Omni on Guidestar
Independent Comments about Omni on Guidestar

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about Omni Youth Programs

Employees, Interns & Volunteers

Cynthia Mumford, M.A., M.S. - Executive Director

Shari Egeland, M.S., M.F.T. - Associate Director 

Christopher Serra - Outreach Specialist

Ashley Nittle - Evaluator

Jayna Mislang - Prevention Educator

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer 

Cynthia Mumford, M.A., M.S.

Omni Youth Programs 

Executive Director 


Robert Walton 

CA Public Employees Retirement System 

Associate Director (Retired) 

Term: 2017-2019


Jeff Carpenter  

Health Net - Supervisor 

Term: 2017-2019




Sarah Fitch M.S., M.F.T.

Marriage and Family Therapist pre-license 

Term: 2017-2019



Liliana Garcia 

Production Assistant 

Term: 2017-2019

Dan Hall M.C.S.E.

Internet and Computer Technology Technician 

Term: 2017-2019 

Melanie Larson M.S. 

Pupil Personnel Services - school counselor 

Term: 2017-2019 

Tatiana Shevchenko M.S.W. 

Social Worker - Child Protective Services 

Term: 2017-2019 

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